The YesNet

The Youth Empowered To Succeed Network

Yes_approved-logoThe Network’s goal is to provide 1 million Black students (ages 17-25) with free and easy access to critical contacts and other networking products and services over the next 5 years. A student membership is valued at $349 each, but will be underwritten by FraserNet, and provided free of charge to students 17-25 years old.

TheYESNet memberships will enhance student’s development at an earlier stage in life, and help them advance beyond just a college education or additional training. It’s structured to help students to not only excel in their education but to also build the key relationships/network they will need to succeed at work, home and in the community.

Students will get a jump on their success by accessing FraserNet’s network of 51,000 top Black professionals, business owners and community leaders. A network Fraser built over the last 25 years.

“One good contact in our network, plus the total membership experience could be priceless for students as they move forward in life” says George Fraser.

Student members will benefit free of charge from FraserNet’s products/services to include:

  • Access and connectivity to FraserNet’s “state of the art” mobile and texting platform
  • Blog to post questions regarding networking, building wealth, career and  business development for  ”real time” experts to answer
  • Access to a web-based SuccessGuide Worldwide directory, listing over 10,000 top Black professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders
  • Weekly PowerNetworking Minute e-zine and texting with tips, facts and ideas on how to succeed
  • Quarterly PowerTalk SkypeConference featuring “A” list experts who will instruct  students on building wealth, their career or entrepreneurship
  • Admittance to the annual national PowerNetworking Conference for the first 500 students with a 3.5 GPA (value $695 each)
  • Bestselling Success Runs in Our Race audio book download (the Bible on building effective relationships and how to properly network)

The YesNet Friday Luncheon Program

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