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You do this, of course, through networking. If you want to network with important people you have to know where they are and get yourself there…

Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Power network within traditional channels. Go to your company’s events, whee you get priceless face time with higher-ups. In addition, build your network upon the classic infrastructures of family, friends, your college alumni group, and professional associations.
  • Join a networking group. Find one whose members span every industry; that will give you a broad understanding of other businesses and exposure to new clients.
  • Connect with everyone. That means networking up, down, and sideways. Don’t think that to make the CEO chair by age forty-five, you should only interact with managers, VPs, and trustees. Get to know the folks in the mailroom and the coffee shop, janitors, the newsstand operator, security officers–you never know who might offer a golden nugget of information that becomes your jackpot.
  • Find ’em! Research where your dream team members work out, get coffee, and eat lunch. I am not advocating that you become a stalker, as that would defeat your purpose… if you become a friendly face in your potential dream team member’s kickboxing class, and then ease into chit-chat and get to know them slowly, you can ultimately introduce yourself as a business owner and propose that they consider joining your innovative venture.

Bottom Line: Trust that the law of attraction will deliver the right people to you with the best chemistry, fit, and timing. And you will magically click with your team to live your dream! 


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  1. Going where the people you want to connect are hanging out seems like obvious but still so many times we fail to do it. I also find great the advice of connecting with everybody not only with managers and similar.
    Thanks for this networking ideas, will force myself to go to more events !

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