Grow — 10 January 2013

Now, what’s the number one rule for ending relationships? Never burn bridges. One day you may need to return back over that bridge. But if it’s charred and crumbling from your first crossing, you’ll never be able to connect with the person on the other side.

How can you prune your relationships without burning bridges? Gracefully walk over that bridge, out of that person’s life, without ever telling them that you’re bidding them adieu. Adios.

How? Always exit a relationship on a high note. I typically express a good-bye by doing something for the person. It may be the last thing I do for them, but I end it with a smile and pleasant words. I never tell people, “This is the end of the relationship.” Nor do I say, “Don’t call me anymore, you crazy person. I never want to hear from you again.” It’s never that abrupt or abusive. If I end a relationship with you, you’ll know it happened when you never hear from me again.

Now what if someone burns you? What if their presence in your life turns toxic and they infect your personal and professional endeavors? Your first obligation is to confront them in a way that’s honest, direct, and tactful. You have to let them know what they did wrong and how it hurt you; they may not even be aware of it. Whether they agree or disagree, at least they know how you feel.

Bottom Line: You must deliver yourself from evil. Get away from anybody who kills your vitality. Once you do the hard work of pruning the toxic branches from your relationship tree, new relationships will yield golden apples to nourish your life with happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity. 


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