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Circle Unbroken, stories of untold Black History

  Click here to find out more about Circle Unbroken, stories of untold Black History Creatively weaving together the shouts, praises, screams, and cries into a tapestry of spiritual songs and searing, intimately drawn portrayals, this film/documentary [...]

Create A Job Part II — Continued

Part II — Continued — For example, we are starting to understand that successful African-American entrepreneurs may not assemble a large network. They put people in their network who can be helpful to them. I call [...]

Create A Job Part I

Empowerment Through Entrepreneurism — Building the Networks To Make Our Businesses Work—Part 1 — It isn’t widely recognized that the tradition of entrepreneurship in the Black community is quite strong. In the days of slavery, skilled craftsman [...]

If You Want to Change Your Life

Change Your Relationships! People going nowhere want you to go nowhere with them. People doing nothing want you to do nothing with them. If you want to change your life, change your relationships. Your five best [...]

Nine Biggest Mistakes When Networking

1) What Can You Do For Me? The main goal of all effective networking is discovering what you can do for someone else. Great networkers want to know what they can do for you, not what [...]