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What’s Next?

By Necole Parker — As a business owner, achieving success requires all of your creative energies, working in concert with a defined action plan.  However, once you attain your desired level of success, maintaining it necessitates [...]

Are you Grieving or Mourning?

By Michele Wisneski — When moving from surviving to thriving it’s important to be able to define what you are going through. It’s essential and important to know the language. When we use the words “grief” [...]

If You Want to Change Your Life

Change Your Relationships! People going nowhere want you to go nowhere with them. People doing nothing want you to do nothing with them. If you want to change your life, change your relationships. Your five best [...]

Trust First! Distrust Must Be Earned!

TRUST IS THE bedrock of life, love, and every relationship. Period!  It is the single most important factor in building personal and professional relationships; it is the cornerstone of relationships that fit and feel right. Without [...]

Bless Them And Release Them!

Now, what’s the number one rule for ending relationships? Never burn bridges. One day you may need to return back over that bridge. But if it’s charred and crumbling from your first crossing, you’ll never be [...]

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