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Are You Amazing?

Which one are you, and what are you going to do about it?  Check out George C. Fraser’s Whiteboard below. [...]


Written By Michele Wisneski, Founder of Thriving through Grief and Loss. In a wise and daring conscious choice, you pause and listen to your heart as the world speeds by. With deliberate laser focus you take [...]

TIME: You will get more money…

You will get more money but you will not get any more time. Smart people value their time. I will tell anyone: “Do anything but don’t waste my time.  I will get more money but I [...]

What’s Next?

By Necole Parker — As a business owner, achieving success requires all of your creative energies, working in concert with a defined action plan.  However, once you attain your desired level of success, maintaining it necessitates [...]

Are you Grieving or Mourning?

By Michele Wisneski — When moving from surviving to thriving it’s important to be able to define what you are going through. It’s essential and important to know the language. When we use the words “grief” [...]