Specials — 09 January 2014

Chemistry is the magic mixture of emotions, intuition, and attraction that sparks bonds between us in business, life and love. Chemistry is the most powerful component in relationships because it provides the initial spark when we click. It is the perfect fusion of many elements: being authentic, communicating honestly, giving and releasing, sharing cultural affinity, values, and point of view, and pampering the people with whom we enjoy these dynamics.

Chemistry cannot be fabricated. Either you have it with someone, or you don’t. And the only way to measure it is with a very unscientific hunch: you know it when you feel it.

Try to articulate why you clicked with a spouse, a business partner, a best friend, or a teammate. Chances are, you’ll stumble on oversimplifications such as, “It just feels right,” or “I can’t put my finger on it; I just knew the minute I met him that we belonged together.”

Following are ways to enhance chemistry:

  • Smile
  • Laugh
  • Use humor
  • Be yourself
  • Be knowledgeable

Bottom Line: In the awesome laboratory of life, chemistry is that intangible energy that makes friendships sparkle, marriages sizzle, professional partnerships prosper, and teams triumph.




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