Featured Grow — 21 February 2013

Change Your Relationships!

People going nowhere want you to go nowhere with them. People doing nothing want you to do nothing with them. If you want to change your life, change your relationships.

Your five best friends tell the world who you are based on their values, principles and lifestyles.

This team will either lift you up or pull you down. If life is a tree, and your friends and associates are branches, prune the toxic ones so the rest can get stronger and grow the sweetest fruit. So don’t spend major time with minor people.

And those with the strongest teams triumph on the battlefield of life. Sizing up people is critical, so recruit trustworthy allies who share the common ground of your values and vision, your likes and dislikes, but can challenge you. But first make sure your strategy is strong and your self-confidence is indomitable. Who do you need on your team to bring your dream (s) to life?

List the people you will recruit to help you climb the ladder of success. If you already know them, great!  If you need to meet them, figure out how to make that happen. For example:

  • Do not judge a person by their relatives; we do not choose our families.
  • Evaluate how your friends and associates add, subtract, multiply or divide your happiness, productivity and prosperity.
  • Bless and release people who violate your visions and values. Nurture your positive relationships. Spend more time with power brokers, connectors, and engage in shared activities.

Bottom Line: In every situation, we have to know who is on our side, and how they can help us connect with other folks to join our ladder-climbing team. 



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