Making Ourselves Economically Successful


To significantly improve financial literacy and money management skills to provide “financial freedom” for our community.


Through education, training and motivation, we will ask our community to make a pledge to change their financial mindset, improve their skills and their ability to transfer wealth intergenerationally.  The areas we will focus on are: budgeting, credit, savings, investing, home ownership, income potential and building and supporting minority businesses.


Goals (within 3 years):
One million people pledge to The Ten Commitments and to becoming “debt free”. One million people saving at least $50 per month.


The Ten Commitments for Financial Freedom (The Pledge)


1) Thou shalt prepare yourself and your family to tithe easily, effortlessly and joyfully.


2) Thou shalt maximize your earning potential, better manage your budget and live below your means.


3) Thou shalt start building wealth now and prepare your children to start early.


4) Thou shalt save/invest at least 10% of your monthly income.


5) Thou shalt use home ownership/real estate as the cornerstone for building wealth.


6) Thou shalt establish an investment plan for your retirement needs, children’s education and community-based philanthropy.


7) Thou shalt more effectively manage your credit, debt and tax obligations to develop a track record of “predictable financial behavior.”


8) Thou shalt insure that your wealth is passed to future generations through proper insurance and estate planning.


9) Thou shalt support the creation and growth of minority-owned businesses.


10) Thou shalt become “debt free” within three years (excluding mortgage).


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For additional information, visit http://www.mosesmovement.com.